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5th Annual Feed My People Fashion Show

November 28 , 2016 04:03 PM in Events
Taking the stage was a beautiful collection of volunteers and donated clothing in support of a wonderful non-profit, FEED MY PEOPLE in their "Cinderella Moment." We have had the privilege of capturing this annual fundraiser for 2 years now and look forward for the future opportunities to work with this amazing organization. Hosting 550+ guests with over 100 volunteers and 50 models is no small feat, and we were there to capture it all. We were amazed at the collections put together from the varied donations received by the Feed My People: Thrifty Hanger Thrift Stores, . The event was expertly hosted by Roy Wunsch, Manager of Special Events and Thrift Stores, and it is always a delight to work with him. He added a sense of poise and grace to an elegant event. Also featured was Connor Jordan, an up and coming young fashion designer from St. Louis, who put his styling magic to work by re-imagining some items found in the Thrifty Hanger Thrift Stores for his debut collection.

Awards were presented throughout the night, including a special recognition to Co-Founders John and Carol DeGuire for 35 years of service. They have made great strides to helping offer assistance to those in need throughout their years developing this organization.

Thank you for the opportunity to capture a day of love and support in our community as volunteers and donors support everyone having their "Cinderella Moment."
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