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October 20 , 2016 01:08 PM in Engagement
Jessica and Luke are diehard Packer Fans. Good ole' Cheese-heads. Engagement shoot was this past Sunday, during the Cowboys/Packers game. We kept teasing Luke about the Packers score, (they were losing, but we could not really tell him since he was recording the game to view later).

Mother of the Bride, and two bridesmaids, (Cassie and Natalie), along with the Best Man, Scott, joined us during the shoot to lend some moral support, and some humor, as well as take care of the props and clothing changes. What a fun bunch, very supportive, yet teasing Jessica and Luke throughout the session.

The late afternoon into early evening was spent at Lafayette Park. Great lighting, pretty backgrounds, with some flowers still in bloom, provided a wonderful setting to photograph this couple.

Jessica and Luke are a fun loving couple, and the camera loved them too, Looking forward to their wedding on May 28, 2017. Enjoy!

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