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Blog | Family Portraits

August 31 , 2016 02:42 PM in Family Portraits
Had a great time catching up with the Paul family again. The girls have grown up so much! We had a great session full of laughs and funny faces.

August 24 , 2016 10:13 AM in Family Portraits
So glad we had the opportunity to meet more of the family! come visit with us again soon!
August 8 , 2016 12:02 PM in Family Portraits
Spent an evening with the Stanton Family in Forest Park. So happy to have finally met the rest of the family!
August 2 , 2016 01:28 PM in Family Portraits
We love getting to see these two lovely girls grow up. Both Allena and Gracelyn are becoming more comfortable with the camera and we captured their beautiful personalities.
July 11 , 2016 10:50 AM in Family Portraits
Happy that the rain did not ruin our session with the Olberding Family. Evan has gotten so big! cannot wait to see this wonderful family again soon!

June 24 , 2016 11:05 AM in Family Portraits
The Mattingly family is back after two years! The kids have really grown and mom is now engaged! So happy to have caught up with this wonderful family!

June 6 , 2016 03:40 PM in Family Portraits
The Cox family wanted to do a patriotic color theme for their photo shoot. Red, White, and Blue all over. Miss Bella dressed to the 9's in her flag dress. Weather was perfect for this country setting, with Oden, the family dog and lots of props and settings in the area. The old truck with the cool patina was my favorite. Rachael and Brandon are expecting a baby girl Teagan near the end of July! We are excited to meet her, and cannot wait to see you guys again soon. ......