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Blog | Family Portraits

December 3 , 2015 10:50 AM in Family Portraits
Quite a wonderfully chilly and somewhat windy day did not deter us or the Presson Family for their photo session in Forest Park just before Thanksgiving. My how the kids have grown. Graham has cool new glasses and Miss Caroline is as cute as a button. The family has expanded too, 5 month old Elise has the most wonderful smile. We look forward to our next visit with everyone, perhaps our 5th session will be next spring when Elise turns 1 year old. Thank you for such a fun outing, Davi ......
November 23 , 2015 02:02 PM in Family Portraits
Mom and Dad, soon to be married, dropped by the studio for a wonderful family photo session, plus a few individuals of their 5 kiddos.

Lots of fun, lots of cooperation, and relaxed, allowing for some terrific family portraits.


November 17 , 2015 12:16 PM in Family Portraits
We had a nice November day with the Doherty family.  It has been five years since we saw them last, little miss Julia was just beginning to teeth.  It is nice to see both Julia and Jack growing up to be such fun-loving kids.  Thank you mom and dad for coming back to see us.

November 12 , 2015 10:44 AM in Family Portraits
Spent a beautiful fall day in Forest Park with the Stone Family. Anthony was very adventurous which made for some great photos. Had fun and we will see Audrey in a couple of years for her senior photos.

November 10 , 2015 11:58 AM in Family Portraits
Spent the day at Lafayette Park with the Richter's.  Mr. Sam was as cute as a button.  He and I became great friends in short order.  Mom described Sam as quiet and if we did not get a lot of smiles from him that would be ok.  Well, I think Sam outdid himself, smiling on every occasion.  Mom and Dad were to say the least, extremely happy.

Thank you, truly a terrific and fun session.

November 10 , 2015 11:49 AM in Family Portraits
A slightly chilly afternoon in Forest Park with the Hebenstriet Family.  Owen, Charlotte, and Marshall were such great kids.  Miss Charlotte is a natural, her posing was so natural with genuine relaxed smiles.  I could photograph her all the time.

Thanks to all for making this such a fun session.  Wonderful photos of everyone.

See you guys again soon.

November 10 , 2015 11:48 AM in Family Portraits
Early on a Saturday morning at Suson Park with the Bouckaert and Frazier families for some fun family portraits.  Just warm enough to keep everybody happy and relaxed.  The adults, and the children did a super job of being helpers and looking at the camera.

Mom was very happy all went so well.