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Blog | Family Portraits

November 10 , 2015 11:47 AM in Family Portraits
A wonderful fall afternoon at Longview Park with the Dierberg Family, Mom, Dad, Hunter, and Miss Ella.  Hunter was raring to go, while Miss Ella was being such a precocious little girl, but between Butter and the Parmesan Cheese, we managed to get her laughing and smiling. 

Thanks for another fun filled session.....see you again in the next year or so.

November 10 , 2015 11:24 AM in Family Portraits
These kiddos have really grown over the years. They have been with us since 2012, and on this visit, the newly arrived 4 month old Cameron joined the rest of the grandkids, Sam, Tyler, Lily, and Weston. At our studios, we always have a supply or Vanilla Wafers for the kids, yes bribes. On this visit as we greeted them at the door, Miss Lilly presented me with a brad new box of Vanilla Wafers, (since they ate all of them last year). So sweet and thoughtful. Thank you. Ever ......
November 6 , 2015 11:56 AM in Family Portraits
The cutest brother/sister twins we have seen in some time. 4 months old and oh so cute and precious. Big Brother, Mr. Braden, was so proud of them and we got the best photo of the three of them, just before he was falling over. Sleeping babies are cute too! Can you read mom's mind as she is holding each of them sleeping in her arms. Thanks all for a great session at Forest Park. Can't wait to see you guys again as the kids grow. Enjoy! ......
November 6 , 2015 11:56 AM in Family Portraits
Three years running now, we have had the pleasure of photographing the Potts Family. I am telling all, that Miss Olivia is just a darling. At 3 years old, she is a seasoned pro at this, and the camera does not shy away from taking her photo. So gentle, so natural, I could take her photos once a week and never get tired. Mr. Teddy has grown as well, smiling and showing off his teeth. Great young man. I would be remiss in not mentioning how much this family loves the St. Lo ......
November 5 , 2015 12:51 PM in Family Portraits
The Alexander's dropped by the studio last week, just before Halloween, for a family photo session.  Kaleb and Claira were in great spirits and ready to pose.....They were so much fun.  Little Miss Claira had some expression that made me laugh so much, and Mr. Kaleb was not far behind.

Thanks for coming to see us, hope to see everyone again soon.  Happy Holidays.....

November 5 , 2015 12:37 PM in Family Portraits
We had a great double session with the Cagwin family.  Due to the weather not permitting us to finish the session, we had to cut the first session short at Kimmswick and regrouped the following day at Forest Park for some more beautiful and fun family photos. Thank you for the patience and laughter. Always a good time with this family.

November 3 , 2015 01:18 PM in Family Portraits
Enjoyed getting to know the Bier family during their Family Photo Session at Lafayette Park a few weeks ago.  Mom and Dad were pros, but Gabrielle and Bradley stole the show on their individual portraits.  Yes, Mom, Bradley did smile very well throughout the session.  Of course Gabi thought the photos of her and Bradley were truly enhanced by her beauty, or so she told Bradley.

Thanks for a great outing.  David