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Blog | Family Portraits

March 24 , 2015 10:42 AM in Family Portraits
This little cutie is 3 months old and was a joy to photograph.  Thanks to mom and dad for coming in and letting us share these precious memories.

March 20 , 2015 12:14 PM in Family Portraits
We had the privilege of photographing this little cutie.  Mr. Presley did an outstanding job and we had lots and lots of smiles.  Can't wait to see him back in a couple of months.

March 17 , 2015 11:08 AM in Family Portraits
About three years ago we had the opportunity to photograph this couples wedding, and now we had the privilege of photographing their family.  We had a great time and we hope that they will come back when Miss Audrey is a year or if she has a brother or sister.