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Krista and Sam's Wedding - Sneak Peek

October 12 , 2016 02:47 PM
Having dated for 10 plus years, this lovely and fabulously fun couple decided to get married.  What a lovely fall day for a wedding.  Joined by family and friends at the Ceremony at Christian Fellowship Church, then the reception at Tapawingo Banquet Center.  We made a few stops in between, one because the Limo Bus broke down, (the joys), at Forest Park and then on the grounds of Tapawingo Golf Course.  Krista and Sam handled it as if were no big thing, just a bump in the road, and it did not keep us from capturing some wonderful photos of the couple and their wedding party.

Thanks you for inviting us to participate with you and family/friends on your special day.  We really enjoyed capturing your happiness throughout the day.

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