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davidjstudios photography - TESTIMONIES - REVIEWS - Exceeding Expectations

December 14 , 2016 11:59 AM in Reviews
Read on and see what our many happy couples have to say about davidjstudios photography capturing their wedding. We really are dedicated to working for our couples and capturing "images with imagination."

Thank you, David

As a groom I would recommend Davidj Studios for your wedding day photography. He took the time to get to know me and my wife before the big day with an engagement photo session and just a couple of meetings at his office. When the wedding day arrived we had full confidence that not only would he take great pictures but also keep the day running smoothly and on time. He allowed my groomsmen and myself to cut loose and have fun, we never felt like we took pictures all day. He kept a quick pace about everything which allowed all of the bridal party to actually have a good time between the wedding and the reception. Once at the reception he kept the DJ and banquet hall organized on how WE wanted the evening to go. We trusted him with this since we actually spent time with him and he understood what and when we wanted things to happen. He captured the most special day of my life perfectly and was a big part of making sure we had a fun and a memorable day.


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