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May 11 , 2017 04:55 PM in S E N I O R S
High water did not deter us from visiting Kimmswick for Miss Taylor's Senior session. A slightly overcast sky, with a few rays peeking through now and then made for a perfect setting to capture this young ladies natural and glowing smile. She has such a spirited personality and her eyes light up with every smile. I must say practice is needed on right and left, toes up and down, getting text messages back, and making sure Miss Felicia did not arrive, but they were all in good fun and ......
March 6 , 2017 11:23 AM in S E N I O R S
This bright young man is extremely involved with anything music related in High School. It was a little chilly as we walked around Lafayette Park to capture some images before he shaved his head in a St. Baldrick's event. We wish him luck as he continues to visit colleges and continues his education after he graduates in a few short months.


November 16 , 2016 10:23 AM in S E N I O R S
We had a wonderful Fall session with this Senior at St. Louis University High School. We are excited to hear about what is up next for you! Good luck on the Rest of your senior year and college next year.

October 26 , 2016 12:03 PM in S E N I O R S
With Senior Year in full swing, we enjoyed spending a beautiful fall day in Faust Park with the talented Sam Spicer. A senior at Fort Zumwalt East High School, Sam wanted to include his love for the violin in his session and we were happy to accommodate. With such talent and a amazing smile, we wish Sam the best on the rest of his senior year and his future endeavors.

October 20 , 2016 10:49 AM in S E N I O R S
Senior Year has already started and seems to be flying by for Mr. Grant Gall. He is a Senior at Althoff Catholic High School. We wish Nothing but the best for you and good luck with Volleyball season coming up!

October 19 , 2016 11:41 AM in S E N I O R S
Happy Senior Year Jesse! We had a good time getting to know you and getting to capture your personality through our photos. We wish the best for you and hope you enjoy your last year of high school!
August 8 , 2016 11:35 AM in S E N I O R S
Had a fun Senior Session with Sean in Forest Park. This Senior is currently attending Lindbergh Senior High School. Good luck with your senior year!