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Sarah and Ryan's Wedding - Sneak Peek

October 26 , 2016 12:44 PM in Weddings
A day full of friends and family! A mixture of traditions and lifelong loves came together throughout the day after 7+ years. From the ceremony at Holy Infant Catholic Church to the dance-filled reception at Tapawingo Banquet Center, we enjoyed sharing every moment with the happy couple. From getting ready surrounded by childhood memories to walking down the aisle, Sarah was a graceful angel. Ryan also seemed to enjoy preparing for the day with his groomsmen and family, we all enjoyed the matching socks. The wedding colors mirrored the cooler weather, but it heated up quickly in the reception. We were especially honored to capture the bride as she enjoyed a special Irish dance with her friend, as well as the strength of the groom's history in the United States Marines.

Beauty and elegance abound even in the chilly temperatures, we enjoyed capturing the love between these two amazing people and their families and friends.
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