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davidjstudios is a diversified photography studio practicing all types of photographic subjects; specializing in WEDDINGS, yet offering portraits for families, newborns, sports action, and people in general. Our belief is that we can draw on this diversified experience to capture images that are real, spontaneous, and tell a story about you, no matter the setting.

Our work is a result of a collaborative effort with you - we give you a bit of direction and let the rest occur naturally and unrehearsed.

Photography is not just our job, it is "Our Passion." It is our passion to capture that moment, that expression, that joy, that emotion, that look (we've all seen or gotten that look), and use the tools we have to express it in a photograph.

Building long relationships with our clients is imperative. A relationship based on mutual trust, quality, professionalism, and personal service that exceeds ones expectations.


To work for each of our clients to meet their vision and plan in a timely manner. To keep things simple and as real as possible. Natural and expressive, story-telling photography. We want our images to convey life and the sense of who you are, with an artistic flare and imaginative images.

What does this mean? It means we create a photo that not only captures the mood or emotion, or the sense of what the subject is thinking - but we do so in a way that the photograph itself can be a story too.

A photograph is great because of what it says and the tools and skill set that were needed to capture it, not because of what is done to it afterwards. We believe that post-processing should be minimal, not over-processed to make it tell a story. We love to shoot in natural light and capture what your eye would see.

Plain and simple, our passion is to tell your story through awesome photographs and imaginative thinking - and to be informed and prepared to know when and where we should be to capture that shot.


A fifteen plus year passionate hobbyist - turned professional, this is my full-time career. I love golf, participant sports, reading a good mystery, and good quality quiet family time. With 3 kids from 11 to 30, I have seen a lot in my day.

If I wasn't a photographer, I'd be a pro golfer. But, since my golf game is not up to par with the likes of Tiger, Jack, or Phil, I'll stick with what I love - photography. Oh, I like my Dr. Pepper too.

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